Freehand Sketches

Well received by planners and consultative groups, freehand sketch illustrations lend well to the hectic pace and competitiveness of the design stage, proving to be a faster, friendlier and more economic media than 3D modelling.

This is better at transmitting real life experience due to its physical and direct conception. This reverberates through the image with the speed and varying pressures at which the lines are created and retain thereafter; a form of expression unobtainable using electronic media.

Our team are able to work with you to create freehand sketches in both black and white and in colour. All colour sketches can be done in photoshop or in watercolour and all sketches can be either freely conceived or based on 3D models prepared in our studio.

3D Modelling

Our 3D models can be based on either sketches or detailed information. These models are created in SketchUp and can also be rendered using V-Ray. We are able to create 3D models for concept design or feasibility studies, as well as full detailed architectural models.